Organising the delivery of a fully loaded truck with baby food, food, stationery and hygiene items for people in need in Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions.

Another action by Ukraine Donation e.V. in cooperation with the Charity Organisation Archangels of Peace (Dnipro) with the support of EDEKA.

A truck ordered from the Ukraine is fully loaded in Ansbach with groceries, hygiene articles and stationery and drives directly to the Ukraine in the city of Dnipro, whose inhabitants have had to endure without or with very little electricity and heating for weeks after the infrastructure was destroyed.

The cargo was tailored according to local and seasonal needs, taking into account the experience of previous deliveries, and distributed directly to needy children, women and elderly people in Dnipro as well as in immediate war zones such as the Zaporizhzhia region or Cherson.

Donations collected by Ukraine Donation e. V., purchase at EDEKA at preferential prices organized by Ukraine Donation e.V. and EDEKA, transport and distribution organized by Ukraine Donation e.V. and Charity Organization Archangels of Peace (Dnipro).